Out with the old

 2008.27.12 -  Jeffrey Forman

I was getting fed up with my main desktop at home. It was a Pentium 4⁄2.8Ghz with 2GB of memory and I think it had seen its finest days. It had run Ubuntu starting with 7.04, and been steadily upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 and 8.10. When I say upgraded, I mean to say that I did do the upgrade, but found that post-upgrade, crumbs were left behind from the old install, and subsequently made the machine even slower and more frustrating to use.

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Oops I lost my phone, Facebook Edition

 2008.13.12 -  Jeffrey Forman

Everyone on Facebook has seen it. The groups your friends join that have to do with someone losing their cell phone. Whether it’s in the toilet, left in a cab after a night of alcoholic debauchery, or just plain forgetfulness. Being the curious people we are, we click on the name of the group, to see who lost their phone this time. What is then listed is a bunch of random people you probably don’t know, listing their phone numbers.

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Upgraded to Wordpress 2.7

 2008.11.12 -  Jeffrey Forman

So I had been waiting for a while to upgrade to Wordpress 2.7, seeing all the screenshots and hooplah over the new version. I expected a huge upgrade process, since it was a major version bump. I grabbed the tarball, unpacked it over on top of my current Wordpress install, surfed over to /wp-admin/upgrade.php and was done. The new admin panel is nice, and I’m still poking around to customize it a bit more to my liking.

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links for 2008-11-21

 2008.22.11 -  Jeffrey Forman

Winter Hikes With Skyline Views of Eight Cities - NYTimes.com Day Hikes in Boston (tags: boston travel)

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Dual Head Nvidia in Ubuntu Linux 8.10

 2008.01.11 -  Jeffrey Forman

I recently blew away my desktop machine and installed the new Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Intepid Ibex released today. Since I have two monitors at home (2 x 21” Samsung 213T LCD’s), I normally use a dual-head setup. Easily enough there is an application, nvidia-settings, that makes this stupid proof. After doing the base install and firing up nvidia-settings, when saving the Xorg conf, the app crashed, Seg fault, wonderful. I ran it through strace which didn’t seem too helpful, complaining about a bunch of files not found.

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Texas, The Damage Report.

 2008.16.10 -  Jeffrey Forman

Besides all the listed food, we had a blast in Texas. Watching the game in the parking lot of a bar with big screens and a ton of screaming intoxicated people. I both missed Austin and UT on one hand, but felt like I had moved on. I miss that school experience, that curiosity where people have 24 hours a day. And how can you go wrong beating OU 45-35?

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In Austin, catching up on life.

 2008.12.10 -  Jeffrey Forman

Finally taken my first vacation in a while with M. We came back to where I did my undergrad degree, the Univ of Texas-Austin in Austin, TX. I must say, it’s that odd feeling of knowing I don’t live here, but knowing my way around without thinking twice (okay, maybe a couple U-turns needed). It just so happens that it was ‘OU Weekend’, where UT plays OU in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl.

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links for 2008-09-22

 2008.23.09 -  Jeffrey Forman

Sofeng’s Blog: How to use *args and **kwargs in Python I had seen the **kwargs and *args references in Python code around for a while, but had no idea what it mean. Now I do, this page explains it very well. (tags: python)

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I wasn’t convinced.

 2008.05.09 -  Jeffrey Forman

I admit, I’m a Democrat. I find that my social beliefs match up with being a Democrat a lot more. But I watched the Republican National Convention with an open mind, wanting to hear how Sarah Palin wanted to improve our country and how John McCain was a better leader than Barack Obama. The first time I turned it on, Mike Huckabee was railing against the liberal media, how it was one sided for Obama, and how it had never given the Repub’s a fair shake.

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links for 2008-09-04

 2008.05.09 -  Jeffrey Forman

Two ways to access your virtual machine monitor across the network | KVM - The Linux Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (tags: kvm linux monitor port)

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