2010, a goal sheet.

Since everyone is blogging about how they want to make 2010 the best year ever, this is my list of resolutions/goals for the year.

  • Most importantly, is to get married. August 7th seems far away now, but I am sure once things pick up, surviving my wedding will be a great goal to have completed.
  • Improve my programming skills. I’m an operational programmer at heart, coding to get the job done. But with all the cool API’s floating around the Internet, from Google Maps, to Foursquare, and Linode to name a few, I’d love to get more involved in hacking code and sharing it.
  • Use the $100 REI gift certificate I have to get a tent, to get back into camping. Given that I got a great new digital camera over the fall, I’d love to get outdoors more often and use it. Our new condo has a lot of empty walls that I think would look great with some photography up on them.
  • Get on top of my finances more. While I’m lucky enough to have the disposable income to not have to worry about it, I’d love to make my money work for me more, instead of just sitting there.
  • And last but not least, to feed my vice for great food and wine even more. Exploring, tasting, and learning.
Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

I do things that make the Internet work at work, and I play around with things that make the Internet work at home.