Customer service done right

I got an email from my landlord yesterday saying that he lost my rent check, and would like me to cancel it and have my bank reissue a new check. For people who write checks this would be easy, just void the transaction in your checkbook and write another one. Problem is, I do all of my bills via Bank of America’s Bill-Pay feature on their website. I set an automated transaction on the 27th of every month to send the check to my landlord’s home address, money is automatically debited from my account, no manual intervention needed. Since the money is automatically and already debited from my account, by just cutting him another check I’m out twice a rent’s payment instead of just one.

Now I have to deal with customer service, and the joys that that brings to most peoples' hearts. I jump on the BoA website, send an email to customer service explaining my situation and cross my fingers. They’ve been helpful before, and I am hoping this does not require a phone call or visit to my local branch.

I got a response this morning, saying that the transaction has been cancelled, and that funds should be reimbursed to my account within one to three banking days. I was blown away, even after in previous emails they give 24-48 hours of leeway to respond, and this had only been about seven.

Now I wait until the money shows up in my account again before issuing another rent check. Here’s hoping to more great customer service from Bank of America.

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

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