Family Tech Support: Vacation Edition

This was an epic visit home, tech-wise. Just so I don’t forget, and can hold it over my folks' head for a while:

  • Upgraded two five-year-old Linksys E2000 AP’s to Netgear r6250’s. Those old ones were just not reaching the entire length of the house anymore.
  • Upgraded the firewall/router from OpenBSD 5.5-stable to OpenBSD 5.6-stable. It just so happens I’m home every six months to stay relatively close to the most-recent errata.
  • Converted my father’s Gmail account over from one-factor to two-factor authentication thanks to some nasty spyware/adware and potential identity-theft issues he’s had recently. I wasn’t willing to do this conversion remotely given the horror of Application Specific Passwords and how many devices I would have to do it on (desktops, laptops, one iPhone, and one iPad)
  • Reinstalled one Late 2009 21.5" iMac via Internet Recovery to OSX 10.10 due to aforementioned nasty adware infestation.
  • Upgraded that same iMac from 4GB RAM to 16 GB RAM.

All I can say is that it’s nice having all Mac’s in the house now, after finally kicking out the last Windows-based PC on my last visit.

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

I do things that make the Internet work at work, and I play around with things that make the Internet work at home.