I wasn't convinced.

I admit, I’m a Democrat. I find that my social beliefs match up with being a Democrat a lot more. But I watched the Republican National Convention with an open mind, wanting to hear how Sarah Palin wanted to improve our country and how John McCain was a better leader than Barack Obama.

The first time I turned it on, Mike Huckabee was railing against the liberal media, how it was one sided for Obama, and how it had never given the Repub’s a fair shake. Then I listened to MItt Romney, past Governor of the state I now reside in, rail against Barack and his policies and how he has no experience. Then Sarah Palin got up, and went off on the media and Democrats and never really gave me a good idea of what she wanted to do. She wants to drill in Alaska for more oil. Call me crazy, but if we want to be more energy independent, why don’t we fund more money into research and development of technologies OTHER than oil? Do we need to go in and drill in areas so remote and full of wild life (someone please send me there one day, I’d love to visit)? We have people around the country trying to improve the mileage on a fully-electric vehicle, or coming up with new power sources that don’t involve drilling into our planet. Save your drilling money, and spend it on research.

Then last night John McCain got up there. I was interested to hear him speak, I wanted to hear his ideas and maybe give me a different viewpoint on who might be the next president of the country. Early reports were that he wasn’t going to go negative and pick apart Obama’s policies and lack of experience. But then again, not going negative won’t convince me, you need to show me ideas that you have in mind. His speech was preceeded by a memorial to his service to this country. Okay, he was a war hero, P.O.W, I respect that. But don’t wipe it in my face, and dont try to sell me on your service being the prime reason I should vote for you. You may have served years for this country, but how do you propose to fix the economy, help people find jobs, and make education a bit more of a level playing field? He waved his hands around and was pretty vague, but like previouus nights, I got no red meat. I got a bunch of “look at me, I’m an old war hero, I was a POW in North Vietnam, vote for me, I want to bring change.” How? What change? What specific things do you propose to do?

$diety help us all.

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

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