In Austin, catching up on life.

Finally taken my first vacation in a while with M. We came back to where I did my undergrad degree, the Univ of Texas-Austin in Austin, TX. I must say, it’s that odd feeling of knowing I don’t live here, but knowing my way around without thinking twice (okay, maybe a couple U-turns needed). It just so happens that it was ‘OU Weekend’, where UT plays OU in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. Hung out with old UT friends in Dallas, then got on the road and headed down to Austin. M and I have been non-stop running around, from the old haunts, great eating/drinking, and just general catching up on what has happened here the past four years. Holy cow have things changed in West Campus, there are now huge apartment buildings everywhere!

Tonight we’re off to Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, which is an institution, actually where I had my graduation dinner. BYOB with a bottle of local red from Central Market, and we’re off.

I want to blog more these days. With the market taking huge swings and reading personal finance blogs on the web, it makes sense to offer some of my tips that I’ve been doing since graduating to others who might be in my situation of thinking “How can I actually put money away?”

For now, off to stuff ourselves full of BBQ.

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

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