New toy, Nikon style.

It had only been ‘recently’ that I had purchased myself a micro four-thirds digital camera for my honeymoon. It took pretty good pictures, and I loved its compactness when roaming around Portugal for 10 days. But I had always wanted a bit more control over the photos I took; whether it was exposure modification, lense type, or overall flexiblity for shooting in different situations (low light at night).

‘Lo and behold, Nikon announced the D7000. It had all the features of my Father’s D90, but with better HD video capture, an upgraded AF sensor and a whole host of other functionality too long to list. Patiently I waited for my bonus to be direct deposited, reading up on the manual (a hefty 350 pages), investigating some photography walks and classes in the area. Now in my hot little hands:

The weather finally reached an acceptable temperature where it was just above the level of being uncomfortable for an afternoon stroll. I wandered my way through Somerville and Cambridge on my way through Harvard Square. I captured the below uniquely-painted house. I was mainly playing around with Aperture-priority today, but look forward to digging into more of the image control options to bring out different detail.

Overall the camera is great, not too heavy for a couple hours slung over my shoulder, even with the included Nikon strap and an 18-105mm lens connected. The Op/Tech neoprene strap I have on order should make things a heck of a lot more comfortable when that arrives. I am really looking forward to the weather warming up when I can explore more of Boston with the camera and take it up into the mountains for some day-hikes.

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

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