She said yes...How it happened

Since everyone is asking how it happened, I figured I’d write it up.

So the lies started early. I went away the weekend before to the Masters, with the plan of telling Meryl that we had plans the following Friday night. Her and I had planned a week-long vacation to Seattle and Vancouver, and I wanted to do the proposal the night before. So I lied to Meryl, saying we had to meet one of my father’s clients for dinner, and that it was a client we couldn’t say no to. This solved one problem, that Meryl couldn’t go workout, and that she had to come right home after work.

The next problem was getting her to a place in Boston to do the proposal. I waited until the last minute figuring this out, and thanks to half my office at ITA, came up with doing it somewhere outside overlooking the Boston skyline.  I told Meryl that my mother needed a picture of the Boston skyline, and that since she wanted me in the picture, Meryl had to get out of the car when we stopped. We got to a spot right outside the Boston University Boathouse on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, and took the first picture of me. I then told Meryl to turn around because I wanted to get a picture of her. In the commotion, I took out the ring, and asked her if she’d put up with me for the rest of her life. Surprisingly, she said yes!

After many tears, I had to tell her to look at the ring and put it on her finger. In typical Boston fashion, a runner went by yelling “Say Yes!” After a few quick phone calls in the car, we went to a dinner that I had made reservations at weeks ago, at Craigie on Main in Central Square in Cambridge. This place is awesome, the food outstanding.

Six courses, and a bottle of champagne so nicely provided by my boss Dave later, we came home to finish packing for our trip. Now we sit in the Boston Airport heading out for a week vacation in Vancouver and Seattle.

Details and wedding website to follow!

-Jeff and Meryl

Jeffrey Forman
Jeffrey Forman

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