Texas, The Damage Report.

Besides all the listed food, we had a blast in Texas. Watching the game in the parking lot of a bar with big screens and a ton of screaming intoxicated people. I both missed Austin and UT on one hand, but felt like I had moved on. I miss that school experience, that curiosity where people have 24 hours a day.

And how can you go wrong beating OU 45-35?

Friday Night:
Arrival in Dallas, met friends out at a bar in the West End(?).

Saturday (Dallas):
Chef Salad for lunch at bar, wings, shrimp, beer.
Football Win. UT 45, OU 35.

Satuday Night (Austin):
Dinner at Trulucks, Lobster, Mojitos, watch the Red Sox.

Breakfast at Juan in a Million. Migas are awesome
Lunch at Central Market, double awesome
BBQ dinner at Salt Lick with a local red wine. Nothing is better.

Breakfast Kirby Lane on Guadalupe.

‘Hook Em

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Jeffrey Forman

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