Restart Ipv6 Tunnel

Problem Verizon Fios does not provide native dual-stack connectivity. To enable my connection for IPv6, I signed up for Hurricane Electric’s Tunnelbroker service. To make a long story short, whenever the IPv4 IP on my Fios connection cycled to a new address, I had to manually update my new IPv4 IP in a few places (Tunnel Broker website, /etc/hostname.

Netflow and IPv6

Now that I’m handing out IPv6 addresses to various VLANs on my network, I needed a way to see what percentage of my traffic was actually using IPv6. Enter pf, pflow, and ntop.

I remember IPv6 being difficult.

I remember using year ago for their IPv6 tunnels years ago, and have painful memories of configuring it, both on the router and to share to the subnets on my home LAN.